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"Title Search for DIGA" brings you to the next stage of operation experience at your fingertips. Control DIGA™ using your iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad® over your Wi-Fi network. Title Search for DIGA shows you a list of programs, you have recorded on your DIGA. You can start playback of a program on your TV by tapping a program name on your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. You can browse recorded programs and choose a program to play from anywhere in your home. It's easy to operate Chapter Skip, Pause, Stop and Time Search using Scrab.

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  (1) Playback Control using Touch Pad

Title Search for DIGA lets you control your DIGA from anywhere in your home and gives you friendly user interface using touch pad.

    - Playback of program
    - Scrabbing to play anywhere within a program
    - Chapter skips (forward and backward)
    - Skip 60 seconds ahead
    - Skip 10 seconds back
    - 1.3x fast playback with sound

  (2) Browse Programs and Start Playback

Title Search for DIGA shows you list of all recorded programs.
You can browse programs and choose any one of them to play on your DIGA.

    - Browsing list of programs

 (3) Indexing and Search Programs

Title Search for DIGA indexes programs and gives you search functions.

    - Indexing
    - Searching

 Support Devices

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
iPod touch 3rd and 4th Generation
iPad 1st and 2nd Generation

Panasonic DIGA (as of September 1st, 2011)

ModelMarketAvailable from
DMR-BWT800GLAustraliaApril 2011
DMR-BWT700GLAustraliaApril 2011
DMR-PWT500GLAustraliaApril 2011
DMR-BWT700GZNew ZealandApril 2011
DMR-PWT500GZNew ZealandApril 2011
DMR-BWT800EBThe United KingdomMay 2011
DMR-BWT700EBThe United KingdomMay 2011
DMR-PWT500EBThe United KingdomOctober 2011
DMR-HW100EBThe United KingdomSeptember 2011
DMR-BST800EGGermanyJune 2011
DMR-BST700EGGermanyJune 2011
DMR-BST701EGGermanyJune 2011
DMR-XS400EGKGermanyJune 2011
DMR-BWT700ECFrance / SpainOctober 2011
DMR-PWT500ECFrance / SpainOctober 2011

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Title Search for DIGA is available on App Store℠.

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・DIGA is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation, registered in Japan and other countries.

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